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Warehouse is one of the most important assets of any manufacturing or trading company. It is the place where finished goods are stored. Organizations keep a buffer stock ranging from a few days to months depending on the demand of their products salatalıkla mastürbasyon. Moreover, the fact that inventory is considered as a current asset Adult Games, makes their security even more important. Any theft or damage of inventory can ruin the balance sheet leading to investors losing interest besides financial loss. Matrix provides a perfect Warehouse Surveillance solution to safeguard your warehouses and provide you with complete control of its security, irrespective of the number of locations.



  • High Resolution Images
  • Efficient Vehicle Management
  • Centralized Control
  • Smart Playback
  • Perimeter Security


High Definition Cameras

Warehouses are full of finished goods that form the major part of a company’s assets. They consist of a variety of goods with sizes ranging from very small to very large. Moreover, it is a very busy place where unloading and loading takes place throughout the day with multiple people entering and leaving. Monitoring this place requires high definition cameras that bring out every minute detail. Matrix Video Surveillance Cameras are apt for this purpose. These high definition IP cameras are not just limited to event identification, their crystal clear images help you easily recognize who was the culprit in case of an event.

Vehicle Management

Warehouse is a place where constant loading and unloading of goods takes place throughout the day. Many unknown vehicles enter and leave the premises. In absence of a Vehicle Management System, there are chances of people entering with vehicles and stealing goods. Lack of details about the vehicle will make it impossible to nab the culprit. Matrix Video Surveillance provides you with Vehicle Management System to keep track of every vehicle entering your premises. Its smart analytics automatically identifies the number plate, store the data and take a snapshot at the same time. It also enables you to Blacklist/Whitelist vehicles so that only registered vehicles enter the premises. What more? Matrix also provides Weighbridge Integration (provide link to Weighbridge Integration page) to ensure a foolproof security.

Centralized Control

Large organizations have multiple warehouses spread across different geographies. In absence of a centralized management system, it becomes very difficult to coordinate multiple warehouses. As the warehouses are usually situated away from the city, coordination between offices and warehouse becomes difficult even for small organization. Matrix Video Surveillance aims to provide centralized control to multi-location warehouses. Monitoring options like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Video Wall and Multi-display allow monitoring all locations from a single place. It also provides user-defined roles and rights, which allows you to provide different viewing and configuration rights to different people. These features help you maintain a complete control over processes taking place across multiple warehouse 21 bets casino.

Smart Analytics with Intelligent Playback

Matrix Video Surveillance not only provides Real-time Video Analytics for preventive security, but also provides analytics for investigation. You can mark precious goods by a virtual periphery. If anyone tries to move the goods, it will lead to instant notification via SMS/E-mail/Video Pop-Up. The same analytics can also be used in investigation. For example, if there is a mismatch of goods, you simply have to go to the beginning of a recording when the specific item was there at its place and select it. Our intelligent software will immediately provide you with an exact clip of the object being moved.

Perimeter Security

As warehouses often occupy a large area, they have a large periphery from where miscreants may intrude. Therefore it becomes vital to secure the periphery in order to have foolproof security system in place. Matrix Video Surveillance provides Perimeter Security (provide link to Perimeter security in Solutions page) to ensure complete security of your premises.