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With the rapid globalization, many organizations fail to track the money invested and man hours invested in completing a particular project. Moreover, it has become inevitable for every organization to accommodate man-power based on different requirements. Matrix COSEC Job and Project Costing Module (JPC) is designed to accommodate the whole life cycle of a job. It manages all the phases involved in a particular job. The module accurately monitors man-hours dedicated on a particular project/phase in real-time, generates reports, and assigns multiple jobs to an individual easily.


  • Track Work Hours of a Single Employee or Department
  • Replace Manual Management of Job through Automatic Solution
  • Monitor Multi-location Job from a Central Location
  • Track Project Progress and Cost
  • Track the Amount of Unit Produced
  • SMS or E-Mail Notifications to Employer if Target not Achieved
  • Monitor Real-time-Attendance of Employees with Job View


Create Project, Phases and Jobs

With Matrix Job Processing and Costing module, supervisor or project head can create the project to add phases and jobs to it. This divides a project into multiple jobs and then it gets allocated to employees. This makes ease to allocate different jobs to multiple users at the same time. It allows addition of existing phases and jobs to the new project.

User-wise Job Allocation

Matrix Job Processing and Costing module allows the supervisor to diversify the work according to the department, segment or calculate total man-power invested for a particular job. Through this solution, user-wise job can be allocated to the employees from the portal itself.

Track Project Progress and Cost

Manual entry makes keeping track of job progress a cumbersome and difficult task. Matrix Job Processing and Costing solves this problem by replacing manual entry by the automated system. The automated solution provides proper track of project progress. Moreover, it calculates the number of units produced and also tracks individual production of units by dividing a project into phases. It shows project status in three different forms, which are active, completed and in progress. 

Payment is a critical phase involved in any job. To reduce over payments, Matrix Job processing and control keeps a proper track of each and every job that helps in reducing over payment.

User-wise and Job-wise Reports

Matrix JPC module gives detailed information of man-hours involved in a job through various customized user-wise and job-wise reports. These reports can help in analysing and decision making by applying various filters.


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