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Retail Industry is probably the largest and most consumer centric industry worldwide. Security and service at retail outlets can make or break consumers’ perception about your store. To keep your customers happy, there are numerous things to be taken care of, the most important of them being security. Growing incidents of crime make video surveillance an absolute necessity. In addition, thefts, vandalism, shoplifting, etc. result in huge losses for these outlets. Matrix Video Surveillance solution is specifically designed to meet various requirements of a shop security system. Apart from security, Matrix Video Surveillance also specializes in improving productivity through crowd control via Intelligent Video Analytics like People Counting, Face Detection, Loitering, etc. Furthermore, the solution is highly agile in terms of integration with third party software like, billing software, fire alarm, intruder alarm, etc., which ensures different retail security systems don’t work in isolation and provide 360 degree security and process compliance at telefon-guide.



  • Works as a deterrent
  • Increased Employee Discipline
  • Stock Verification
  • Crowd Management
  • Trend Analysis
  • POS Integration
  • Personalized Service
  • Trace Customer Belongings
  • Real-time Security
  • Reduced Bandwidth Costs
  • Reduced Storage Costs
  • Easy Monitoring


Worried about security of your store?

Thefts at night, shoplifting, theft by employees, theft from cash counter, vandalism by goons, etc. are common security problems encountered in retail stores. Matrix Video Surveillance helps you prevent these problems in multiple ways:

Deterrent: Mere presence of video surveillance system keeps away dishonest employees and customers from indulging in such activities

Real-time Monitoring Matrix offers real-time monitoring directly on TV, or even remotely through laptop or mobile So, even someone indulges in activities such as shoplifting, vandalism, intrusion, etc, it can be easily detected through live monitoring

Real-time Notifications: Matrix offers real-time notifications like SMS, E-mail with Snapshot, Video Pop-up and audio alarm. In case any event escapes your eyes, you are immediately notified.

Investigation: In case an incident does happen, Matrix Video Surveillance can help in quick investigation through Intelligent Video Analytics.

Poor customer service and operational deficiencies affecting business?

In an industry where customers have a number of options for a single product, customer loyalty changes at a drop of a hat. Customer service is the key driver that leads to business revenue. There are multiple factors affecting customer service:

Employee Discipline: Employees not being punctual, having a gala time, behaving rudely with customers. gossiping during working hours, not present at the cash counter, etc. are the common problems that lower productivity of retail outlets. Presence of a video surveillance system deters employees from indulging in such behavior and easily identifies them if they do so.

Stock Verification: Mismatch encountered during stock verification of expensive items like jewelery, electronics, etc. leads to significant loss of time and money in tracing the same. Matrix Video Surveillance provides analytics in playback, which can successfully trace such a mismatch and fix accountability for the same.

Crowd Management: Overcrowding during peak hours and scarce customers during slack hours leads to significant fluctuation in service quality. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its People Counting feature, can help you effectively forecast footfall, and eventually improve customer service through hourly staffing system

Analyze Trends/Success of Marketing Activities/Sales Conversion Ration: Matrix Video Surveillance, with its Crowd Management solution, helps you effectively determine the increase or decrease in the number of customers after a particular merchandising/discount offer. Additionally, you can determine the sales conversion ratio, which can further enhance service quality.

POS Integration: Database Level Integration with POS system ensures you have a separate clip for every transaction, which is easily traceable via billing ID. This becomes vital in case of a dispute with customer regarding change given by cashier, delivery of goods, packaging, etc.

Personalized Service with License Plate Recognition: You can integrate the license plate numbers’ data captured by Matrix Video Surveillance with the customer database. This allows you to address a customer by name when they come for repeat purchases, thus allowing you to offer personalized service.

Tracing Customer Belongings: Customers in retail stores often forget their belongings like wallets, keys, cards, etc. Besides providing you with real-time security, it helps in increasing customer loyalty and eventually, gain more business by tracing customer belongings with use of smart analytics.

Complexity of monitoring video surveillance system a headache?

Matrix Video Surveillance is designed keeping customers’ ease of use as at the Center. Most of the systems are complex and difficult to operate by the end user. Matrix makes monitoring easy in multiple ways:

Ease of Monitoring: When facing a task of monitoring multiple cameras, it is easy to lose track of some cameras. For example, you may lose track of important cameras like one over cash counter, while surfing through parking cameras. Matrix Video Surveillance brings sequencing, where the most important cameras are displayed continuously, while others can be viewed in a sequential manner.

Health Status Reports: Video Surveillance is a useful tool for investigation. However, many a times it so happens that cameras are not working, hampering the investigation. Keeping regular tabs on the working status of all cameras and devices is a tedious task. Matrix Video Surveillance provides working status of entire Video Surveillance system on a single screen, along with real-time notifications for failures like camera disconnect, storage full, etc.

High Storage Costs in Video Surveillance Worrying You?

Retail is an industry, which usually requires recordings of more than one month. The requirement of more number of storage days utilizes very high storage space, especially if all cameras are required to record at high resolution. This usually forces customers to record at a lower resolution, leading to compromise in security.

While others focus on merely increasing the resolution, Matrix Video Surveillance focuses on reducing your storage requirement as well. Features like Camera-wise Recording Retention allows you to allocate storage to individual camera based on its importance. Adaptive Recording, an intelligent technique, drops frames during no activity period and helps you save up to 50% on storage. In addition, when government norms force you to record for months, Two Level Data compression helps in saving up to 50% of your storage, increasing your storage space manifold in the process.

Bandwidth a Problem in Remote Monitoring?

Every retail chain desires to centrally monitor their stores spread over multiple geographies, but are often restrained by the high bandwidth requirement of existing solutions. Moreover, when it comes to multiple locations, recurring cost of public IP and static IP comes into picture. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its features like Adaptive Streaming, Edge Recording, Event based Clip Export, Multi-stream Support and TCP based Notifications is designed to give you greater control while using minimum bandwidth. Additionally, the architecture being one of its kind, now allows you to monitor multiple locations without a public IP at each location.

Moreover, Centralized Management Software, Web Client and Mobile Application enable proactive monitoring of all the important areas, centrally and remotely. Because of effective monitoring, employees tend to perform at an optimum level, thereby contributing to increase in business revenue. Furthermore, Calling through SATATYA SIGHT allows you to assign a phone number/extension to individual camera, thus eliminating the trouble of finding the concerned person when need arises.

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