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Designing video surveillance solution for a large and multi-location organization is a different ball game altogether when compared to a simplistic video surveillance for any small organization. On one hand, large organizations demand robust security, centralized visibility, complete control, quick response, real-time triggers and intelligent analytics. On the other, enterprise size, structure, diversity, hierarchy and legal compliance pose formidable challenges in meeting these expectations. Finally, video surveillance budget and ROI depend on capital investment (software, servers, storage, networking and cameras) and recurring expenses (bandwidth, backup-archival and maintenance).

Obviously, any small, scattered, fixed and simplistic video surveillance solution cannot meet the needs of a large and growing organization. To address such complex and diverse needs of large organizations, Matrix offers an enterprise-grade Video Management System designed, engineered and built specifically for the modern and growing organizations.



  • Single Dashboard for Monitoring Multiple Sites
  • Up to 1000 Simultaneous Logins
  • Video Wall/Multi-display Support
  • Intelligent Investigation Techniques in Playback to Save Time
  • User Defined Roles and Rights that Matches Organizations Hierarchical Layout
  • Seamless Integration with All Other Solutions
  • Real-time Notification for Preventive Security
  • Accessibility through TV/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet


Easy Monitoring

Multi-site Surveillance is a complex task. As the feed from camera is scattered over multiple locations, it requires multiple people, equipment and space. Dispersed monitoring also restricts analytics, processing capabilities, simultaneous views and possibility of integration with other systems. Moreover, this in turn leads to delay in information to the central location, and lack of coordinated response in case of any event.

Matrix Multi-Location Video Surveillance offers a single dashboard for consolidated live view of video streams and events from multiple locations spread across the planet. With prior authorization, multiple users can simultaneously view video feeds from different cameras on their TV screens, computer monitors or mobile phones. In case of higher number of cameras, users can also set up a Video Wall with multiple screens.


Major and minor events are a part of daily routine for big multi-location organizations. Video surveillance solutions help you determine these events and take corrective actions. But finding video evidences for such events is a tedious and time-consuming task. Moreover, manual and human-driven playback and search is very slow, monotonous and error-prone.

To overcome this difficulty, Matrix Video Surveillance provides you with Playback Investigator, for quick and automated investigation. It uses advanced and intelligent video analytics algorithms, designed specifically to address specific incidents such as Intrusion, Face Detection, Trip Wire, Missing Object Detection and many more. Furthermore, you can Bookmark Events, View Day-highlights, Lock Evidences and export Videos/Snapshots in .AVI and .PDF formats with Date/time, etc.


Most video surveillance solutions don’t differentiate their solutions according to diverse customer requirements. Due to this they end up providing the same level of security to enterprises as they provide to other clients. This lack of security makes enterprises reluctant towards installing video surveillance solutions especially in highly sensitive areas like Research & Development Centres. Most traditional systems are designed for a single user running on a single PC/server, which is not suitable for multi-location organizations with centralized control.

Matrix Video Surveillance provides a centralized system management with well-defined user roles. Its distributed architecture allows Centralized Configuration, User-based Login Roles and Rights, Audit Trail of User Activities and IP Address/MAC Controlled System Access.

This multi-layer security provides you with higher security for internal data/Patents/R&D/strategy.


Large organizations are a combination of numerous systems working in harmony to produce a desired outcome. Such organizations require security systems that can collate and co-relate information and events from diverse systems such as Access Control, Fire Alarm, Building Management, Telecom, etc. Traditional systems are disparate and non-integrated leaving the task of coordination for humans. This results in delayed response, ill-informed decisions and lack of coordinated action.

Matrix Video Surveillance provides seamless integration of video surveillance with other security solutions such as Access Control, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Detection System, etc. Moreover, this integration is at a database level leading to better control for end to end security with sharper investigation and faster response.


Analyzing video streams and identifying dangerous events can help reduce the damage to a great extent. But that is just one part of the story. Stream analysis and event detection is of no value unless it is notified in real-time to the concerned person. Traditional Video Surveillance is only used to investigate the event hours after it has occurred, thus rendering your system of little use.

Matrix Video Surveillance provides real-time notification via SMS, Calling from Mobile App, Video Pop-up, Audio Alarm or Buzzer. Apart from security threats, it also provides you with alerts for camera disconnect, network failure, storage full, etc. Besides, it provides E-mail Notifications with Snapshot, which provides you with pictorial evidence even if someone tries to hamper with your device or storage.

This real-time notification leads to various benefits such as prevention of hazards, low manpower cost, faster response, and reduction in unwanted alerts and false notifications.