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Security is a prerequisite for increasing productivity and maintaining quality standards at any manufacturing facility. What a modern day manufacturing organization needs is not just a secluded security camera for factory, but an agile surveillance system that can work in symbiosis with other solutions at the facility to enhance quality and productivity. Matrix Video Surveillance solution offers the most critical benefits of safety, quality enhancement, discipline, protection against false liability, and minimum threat of theft and wastage of time. There are many other pain areas, as mentioned below that Matrix Video Surveillance solution addresses efficiently. Moreover, Matrix IP cameras for manufacturing are designed to withstand harsh manufacturing environments such as high temperature and low light.

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  • Ensure Safety of Workers
  • Assure Discipline
  • Security Against Theft
  • Quality Check
  • Automate Processes
  • Avoid False Liability


Frequent Accidents Affecting Safety?

Accidents are a major cause of concern for manufacturing facilities. Besides affecting productivity and finances, they also lead to irreparable loss of human resources in the form of injuries, sometimes death. Non-conformity towards procedures and safety rules by workers in plants cause most of these accidents. For example, employees often move out of specified walkways, enter dangerous areas such as those under overhead crane, or areas near hazardous waste, etc. All this can be avoided by a smart system, which ensures swift implementation of safety rules. Matrix Video Surveillance is one such system, which through its Intelligent Video Analytics such as Intrusion, Trip Wire, Face Detection, etc. can give real-time alerts if someone crosses specified walkways, enters danger areas, etc. These instant alerts warn and prevent employees from neglecting procedures, leading to improved safety.

Worried about Security?

Apart from safety issues, a manufacturing facility faces multiple security issues like:

  • Theft and Pilferage of Costly Equipment
  • Vandalism by Agitated Workers
  • Unauthorized Person Accessing Restricted Areas
  • Unauthorized Vehicles Entering Premises

Matrix Video Surveillance is designed to address these issues through Intelligent Video Analytics like Missing Object, Camera Tamper, Tailgating, License Plate Recognition, etc. These features ensure that your facility is secure 24/7.

Lack of Discipline Affecting Productivity?

Lack of discipline among employees is often the most common reason for non-performance of a facility. Units often encounter problems such as:

  • Workers Leaving Crucial Machines Abandoned
  • Less/More than Specified Employees at a Place
  • Employees Coming Late/Leaving Early
  • Loitering

Matrix Video Surveillance can help you overcome all the above mentioned irregularities through intelligent analytics such as People Counting, Face Detection, Loitering and more. All these features are designed to address specific issues like Loitering, ensuring Right Person at the Right Place at the Right Time, etc.

Production Time Wasted due to Stoppage of Machinery in Automated Plants?

Going a step ahead of conventional surveillance solutions that are limited to safety and security, Matrix Video Surveillance actually helps improve productivity. In the age of fully automated plants, No Motion Detection immediately identifies any stoppage of crucial machines like conveyor, thus eliminating loss of time in problem identification.

Can Video Surveillance really help Improve Quality?

Definitely yes. The assembly lines of manufacturing units like automobile and electronics need a video surveillance solution that enables detailed monitoring of each component and person in the line. Matrix features like ROI and e-PTZ enable you to conduct a closer inspection during the production cycle itself, leading to a proactive approach in quality check.

Furthermore, Database Level API integration with third party software such as Weigh Bridge, POS system, etc. provides endless possibilities for quality and productivity enhancement.

Remote Site Management a Problem?

Every organization desires to centrally monitor their offices spread over multiple geographies but are often restrained by the high bandwidth requirement of the existing solutions. Moreover, when it comes to multiple locations, recurring cost of public IP and static IP comes into the picture. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its features like Adaptive Streaming, Edge Recording, Event Based Clip Export, Multi-stream Support and TCP based Notifications is designed to give you greater control while using minimum bandwidth. In addition, the architecture being one of its kind, now allows you to monitor multiple locations without a public IP at each location.

Moreover, Centralized Management Software, Web Client and Mobile Application enable proactive monitoring of all the important areas, centrally and remotely. Because of effective monitoring, employees tend to perform at an optimum level, thereby contributing to increase the overall manufacturing capacity. Furthermore, Calling through SATATYA SIGHT allows you to assign a phone number/extension to individual camera, thus eliminating the trouble of finding the concerned person when need arises visit.

Storage Costs Preventing you from Recording for Higher Number of Days?

While others are just focusing on increasing the resolution, Matrix Video Surveillance has an equal focus on saving your storage. Features such as Adaptive Recording, Camera-wise Recording Flexibility, Two Level Data Compression and Archiving, now enable you to record for more number of days.

Fed up with False Liability Claims?

Video recordings of all important events keep you immune from all sorts of false liability claims, be it by employees or vendors.

Perimeter Security

As manufacturing units are spread over a large area, they have a large periphery from where miscreants may intrude. Therefore it becomes vital to secure the periphery in order to have foolproof security system in place. Matrix Video Surveillance provides Perimeter Security to ensure complete security of your premises.

Looking for Synchronisation?

Manufacturing plants are equipped with multiple systems. Often these are disparate solutions working without any synchronization. Matrix Video Surveillance system is built on an open platform, which can integrate with various solutions to automate processes and offer Centralized Control. For instance, Matrix provides Weighbridge Integration to automate the loading process in the plant. Similarly, it can integrate with all third party solutions.