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Matrix Hybrid Communication solution combines IP and Analog – the best of two worlds for optimum utilization of IT infrastructure, providing agility and flexibility to organizations. It is a diversified range of Hybrid IP-PBXs to meet the changing requirements of small to large enterprises. It comprises of advanced telephony features to ensure cost saving, investment optimization, asset utilization and increased staff productivity opening doors to newer applications and opportunities.


  • Effective Resource Utilization
    • Utilize Existing IT Infrastructure with Existing Telephones
    • Use the same Internet Connection for Voice and Data
    • Enables Users to Send SMS from their Email Client using GSM SIM
    • Use Smartphone for Office and Personal Communication
    Future-proof Investment
    • Ready for New-age Technologies
    • Support for New-age Devices
    • Easy Scalability through Expansion Cards to meet Evolving Needs
    Lower TCO
    • No need of External Devices such as Voice Mail System, Gateway or ATAs
    • Support for Diverse Network Types – Investment Protection
    • Avail Benefits of New-age Networks on a Single Platform
    • Flexible Scalability
    • No need of Changing Existing VoIP Devices (VoIP Gateways, SIP Server, SIP Phones) and Telephone Instruments
    Higher ROI
    • Call Cost Saving on each Call
    • Optimum Utilization of Internet Bandwidth – using the same Bandwidth for Voice and Data
    • Customer Satisfaction – increased Responsiveness
    • Reduced Travel Charges within Office Premise and between Office and Field Resources
    • No need of Additional Application for Configuration
    Control over Operational Costs
    • Reduced Long-distance Telephony Costs through VoIP
    • Free Inter-site VoIP Calling
    • No need to Invest in New Infrastructure
    • Increased Organizational Efficiency
    • No need of Separate Administrator for Multiple Locations
    Stay Connected
    • Multi-locational Connectivity
    • Seamless Staff Mobility
    • Universal Connectivity
    • Seamless Network Coverage
    Workforce Collaboration
    • Streamline Business Operations
    • Increased Staff Responsiveness to Customers
    • Increased Employee Effectiveness and Efficiency
    • Increased Availability to Customers
    Communication Convenience
    • Identify Calls before Answering
    • Reduced Operator Call Volume
    • Automated Call Treatment
    • No need of Changing Accustomed Dialing Patterns
    • No need of Multiple Devices for Mobility
    Business Continuity and Networking
    • Customer Assistance whether Inside Office or Outside Office
    • Assured Communication between different Locations even in Case of Trunk Failure
    • Reduced Downtime and increased Visibility of Entire Infrastructure from Central Location
    • Connects Two or more Data Networks using E1 Line
    Simple Administration and Management
    • No need of Modem for Remote Maintenance
    • No need of Additional Application for Configuration and Maintenance
    • Enables Monitoring Network Elements https://encirkel.com/ , Audit Network Usage and Detect Network Faults