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For the hospitality industry, safety of their guests and property is of utmost importance. It is therefore, vital to deploy a security surveillance system to ensure safety of the guests while maintaining service quality. At a time when customers click this site make their choices based on online reviews, one incident can make or break the reputation of your hotel.

Matrix Hospitality Management system is crafted keeping the complex requirements of Hospitality sectors in mind. Besides acting as a deterrent, it also gives real-time notification in the events of overcrowding, security breach, etc. Besides security and productivity theamericanreporter, the solution also proves to be an effective tool for monitoring daily operations, thus enhancing customer service and satisfaction visit https://divinewellnesscbd.com/. Moreover, smart features in Matrix Video Surveillance solutions help you reduce your storage costs by up to 50%. All this together makes Matrix an ideal Video Surveillance solution that ensures safety and security in hotel industry.



  • Security of Premises
  • Safety of Guests
  • Improved Customer Service
  • No Operational Difficulties
  • Low Storage Costs


Worried about Security of your Guests?

Hospitality is a fiercely competitive industry where hotels and restaurants take years to build up a reputation for themselves. This reputation can be easily damaged with even smallest of the incidents. One of the major reasons that may cause even reputed hotels to lose their reputation is security of their guests. Due to increase in incidents of crime and terrorism, ensuring security of the premises and guests within the premises has become paramount, so much so that governments have started bringing laws for mandatory Video Surveillance.

Matrix brings the ideal Video Surveillance solution for your hotels and restaurants. Its high resolution images provide you with a clear view of every nook and corner of your premises, making it very easy to identify suspicious activity immediately. Intelligent Video Analytics in Matrix Video Surveillance are specifically designed to identify and notify incidents such as a suspicious person loitering in the premises, employees or guests stealing expensive items, facilities such as gym, pool, etc. being used after permissible time limit, people forcefully entering by jumping boundary wall, overcrowding, etc. in real-time. These notifications are provided through SMS, Email, Video Pop-up, TCP based Notifications, etc. for immediate action and prevention.

In addition, if you miss out any important events in real-time, the Intelligent Video Analytics can identify these incidents even on recorded footages porn game, thereby dramatically reducing investigation time and enabling quicker response.

Moreover, features like Two Way Audio, Integration with Fire Alarm, etc. facilitate easy evacuation of guests and staff with minimal damage in case of an untoward incident. All the above features ensure foolproof security of your guests and physical assets.

Poor Customer Service Affecting Reputation?

Generic video surveillance solutions merely solve the purpose of capturing and recording, making video surveillance nothing more than a dead investment. This drives customers to look for the cheapest solutions available in to comply with the government norms. Nowadays, customers want a smart solution that besides providing security boosts productivity by helping in managing guests better, making effective forecasts, improving process compliance, synchronization with other solutions, etc.

Matrix Video Surveillance is designed specifically for this purpose. It improves your productivity manifold with its Crowd Management solution. Its People Counting feature gives you an accurate count of the number of people entering/leaving/within the premises, thus helping you manage your services better. This count will help prevent overcrowding, or in case of overcrowding, will give you a prior intimation. This gives you time to react and serve guests better. This count also helps you forecast the number of guests to be present in future during similar periods. All these ensure your services do not take a hit due to overcrowding and enables you to provide best services at all times have a peek at this website. In addition, easy integration of Matrix Video Surveillance with any third party system like Billing Software, Public Announcement System, etc. ensures that different systems in your premises work in harmony with one another.

Furthermore, the Video Surveillance solution ensures that employees follow all processes in serving guests, which ensures optimum level of productivity.

Worried due to High Storage Costs Involved in Surveillance?

Hospitality is an industry, which usually requires high number of cameras as the property is spread over a vast area. High numbers of cameras require very high storage, especially if all cameras are required to record at a high resolution. This usually forces customers to record at a lower resolution leading to compromise in security.

While others focus on increasing the resolution, Matrix Video Surveillance focuses on reducing your storage requirements as well. Features like Camera-wise Recording Retention allow you to allocate storage to individual cameras based on its importance. Adaptive Recording, an intelligent technique, which eliminates frames during no activity period, helps you save up to 50% on storage. In addition, when government norms force you to record for months, features like Two Level Data compression saves up to 70% of your storage, enabling you to record for more number of days.

Operational Difficulties a Headache in Video Surveillance?

Higher number of cameras leads to higher number of recorders and a very complex system that involves servers. All this, combined with the difficulty to monitor multiple cameras at a time is a major headache, especially for a non-technical employee monitoring the cameras. Video surveillance is an important tool for investigation. There are many incidents where cameras are not working at such times.

Matrix Video Surveillance is a user friendly solution that is carefully crafted to minimize operational difficulties of end users. Matrix Video Surveillance provides real-time working status of entire Video Surveillance system on a single screen and provides real-time notification in case of camera disconnect, storage full, etc. Moreover, it comes with a feature of Camera Grouping and Sequencing, which allows you to group cameras of similar interest like corridors, entry/exit gates, etc. and view them sequentially for simplified management and greater control. E-Map allows you to mount virtual cameras on floor plan of your premises for easier monitoring. The relevant camera blinks in case of any event.