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Healthcare facilities are just as prone to security issues as much as other organizations. Matrix Video surveillance solutions provide a one-stop solution to all safety and security requirements of healthcare facilities. Hospital security systems and healthcare facilities are not only responsible for safety of patients alone but many other aspects such as the expensive medical instruments and equipment used in such facilities along with the safety of doctors and staff. Recorded footage can easily solve other issues such as false claims made by visitors and patients.

Matrix Video Surveillance provides high return on investments by reducing up to 50% of bandwidth, server and storage costs besides providing easy centralized monitoring, preventive security and reliability against downtime. These solutions, along with security cameras https://vapejuicedepot.com/collections/omg in hospitals, lead to productivity and discipline ensuring employees comply with the professional standards.



  • Secure Premises, Staff and Patients
  • Ensure Process Compliance
  • Prevent Theft
  • Avoid False Claims
  • Ensure Discipline


Worried about Patient and Staff Safety?

Hospitals have a large number of people coming in and out daily and this increases the risk of security breaches in the form of crimes and break-ins. This can lead to thefts, child abduction from incubation centres, etc. Matrix Video Surveillance safeguards against such damages by providing Crowd Management solution and Integration with Access Control to keep track of people entering or going out of the premises. Besides this https://www.arcsfl.com/benzodiazepine-addiction-abuse-and-treatment/, Matrix Video Surveillance solution for healthcare, through its Intelligent Video Analytics such as Intrusion, Trip-Wire, Face Detection, etc. can detect and give real-time alerts when patients with psychiatric or neurological conditions cross the doorways tramadol sin receta. Such instant alerts safeguard the visitors as well as patients from their uncertain behaviors. These IVAs also ensure perimeter security of the hospital by detecting intruders crossing boundaries and breaking into hospital property. Partnerprogramm für Live-Streaming für Erwachsene

Incurring High Costs for Ensuring Process Compliance by Staff?

Compliance of safety and cleanliness standards by staff, like proper cleaning of wards, surgical equipment and canteen areas is necessary for the hygiene and wellness of patients. Hiring additional personnel for supervision of such process compliance is a costly affair. Matrix Video Surveillance for Healthcare helps in smart vigilance to monitor and prevent employees from ignoring safety and cleanliness procedures. With the help of this solution, hospitals can prevent non-performance of staff, thereby fully utilizing their time, leading to improved productivity.

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Theft of Expensive Equipment and Drug Diversion Leading to Huge Losses?

Areas like cash counters and storerooms having expensive surgical equipment are critical areas, which are prone to thefts. Drug diversion is another major threat. Anesthetic drugs, adrenaline, noradrenaline, heparin, etc. are extremely expensive and rare drugs, which are vulnerable to drug diversion. Matrix Video Surveillance can help you overcome all such threats through smart features such as Missing Object Detection, People Counting, Face Detection, Tailgating Identification, Loitering Detection, Database Level Integration with Matrix Access Control and more. All these features address specific issues like preventing theft and restricting entry of unauthorized people.

Fed up with false insurance claims?

Video recordings with Synchronous and Asynchronous Playback of important events keep you immune from all sorts of false insurance claims, be it staff or visitors. Matrix also provides features like Evidence Lock and Clip Export to safeguard evidence clip needed during investigation. With this, you can prevent losses arising due to false insurance claims.

Difficulty in Handling Emergency Cases in Absence of Concerned Doctors?

Most times, during emergency cases, patients have to wait for their treatment due to unavailability of doctors within the premises. Matrix Video Surveillance solution offers a mobile application for remote monitoring. This application enables doctors to monitor patients from their mobile or tablet, anywhere and anytime. This enables quick support and discussion with the doctors who are away, avoiding unattended patients. It also has a feature of Calling via Mobile App, which allows you to assign a phone number/extension to individual camera, thus eliminating the trouble of finding the contact of the concerned person when need arises. With the help of these rich features, hospitals can ensure a proactive treatment for its patients.