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The Gateway works as an adjunct to the existing telephony infrastructure, without any investment on replacement of an existing system. The gateway interfaces with an existing PBX system via FXO/FXS, BRI, and TE1E1PRI or over IP. This not only saves additional investment on acquiring new equipment, but also saves time and efforts required for re-installation and re-training users. Though an adjunct/external to existing system, the gateways remain completely transparent to all users and allow making/receiving calls and use PBX features without changing the dialing habits. Matrix has a range of VOIP and GSM Gateways to interface with new-age VOIP, POTS, T1E1PRI and GSM/3G networks.

Matrix VOIP Gateways are pre-loaded with advance features such as SIP Proxy and Peer-to-Peer Calling that helps substantial saving over long distance calls. More number of businesses and industries are embracing VOIP in their day-to-day communication realizing the cost benefits and flexibilities offered by VoIP. Matrix VoIP Gateways sends all long-distance calls via data packets over internet, instead of traditional telephony networks.

Matrix GSM Gateways integrate GSM networks directly into the existing telephony infrastructure. This reduces interconnection toll charges and communication costs. Matrix offers a wide range of integrated and scalable Gateways, providing seamless connectivity to GSM/3G networks.


  • Range of Gateways to Satisfy the Specific need of Customer
  • Integration with any Existing PBX
  • Investment Protection on Existing PBX
  • Connectivity Convenience to New-age Networks
  • Secured Connection for Reliability
  • Auto-Provisioning for Mass Deployment (VOIP Gateways)
  • Easy Management
  • Call Cost Savings per Call basis


The range of Gateways from Matrix can be used to connect multiple branches by interfacing with existing PBX. Even in standalone mode, it offers convenience of 24/7 connectivity to all branches, with the flexibility to connect to various interfaces as required.

  • Seamless Connectivity
  • Automatic Number Translation
  • Call Detailed Records
  • Supplementary Calling Features
  • Fax over IP
  • Emergency Number Dialing