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Education is one of the most important sectors for any country because it defines the future and fate of the country. How the bright minds are treated at these campuses will determine the progress of any nation. With the recent surge in lawlessness at campuses, with small mischiefs like bunking classes, to more serious ones like ragging, anti-national sloganeering, child abduction, violence, terrorist attacks, etc. there is a huge need to secure Education Institutes such as Schools with Security Cameras to protect the students and faculties against such threats. Matrix Video Surveillance solution provides innovative features, which help protect campuses against such catastrophic threats.



  • Secure Campus
  • Prevent Ragging and other Anti-social Activities
  • Improve Discipline
  • Improve Processes through Integration
  • Foolproof Attendance System
  • Crowd Management
  • Record Lectures for Future Reference
  • Coordination among Multiple Institutes


Is Indiscipline Affecting Reputation of your Institute?

In the field of education, it takes years to build a reputation. However, this reputation is often marred by incidents such as ragging, fights, drug menace, indecent behavior, etc. Matrix Video Surveillance, designed keeping the needs of educational institutes in mind, helps overcome all the above problems. Firstly, it acts as a deterrent that creates a fear of being caught in the minds of miscreants. Even if one indulges in these activities, monitoring is made extremely simple with Camera Sequencing and Grouping in Matrix Video Surveillance to identify and punish the culprits. It allows you to view multiple cameras in a sequential manner, ensuring you can identify smallest of incidents. This is one of the major reasons for implementing Video Surveillance in colleges and schools.

Absenteeism Leading to Poor Performance of Students?

Database Level Integration with Matrix Access Control ensures foolproof attendance system, which effectively solves the problem of proxy attendance. Integration with access control enables the Video Surveillance system to take a snapshot/video whenever a student marks his attendance through Time-Attendance device. This gives you a visual proof of students attending the lecture, preventing incidents where they use each other’s cards to mark attendance, etc.

Often, students are unable to attend the classes for genuine reasons like health issues, representing the institute at seminars, sporting events, etc. Even when students attend class, they might not be able to recollect a particular topic. All these affect their academic performance, leading to poor results.

Furthermore, Integration with Access Control prevents unauthorized people from entering a restricted area, for example, outsiders trying to enter campus, unauthorized students seeking access to laboratories, etc.

Matrix Video Surveillance with Two-way Audio can effectively solve the problem. Besides ensuring security and discipline, Matrix Video Surveillance can be used to record lectures. These lectures can later be used by students, so that their academic performance is not affected. Recorded lectures can also be used to evaluate teachers and taking corrective measures, improving the quality of teaching.

Matrix Video Surveillance also provides remote viewing through smartphone or computer with User based Roles and Rights. This allows you to provide user access to limited cameras. This can be used by students when they are not able to attend lectures physically. When parents are given the rights to view, they can keep track and be rest assured of their wards’ academic progress. This increases their trust in the institute, enhancing its reputation.

Trespassers Creating Trouble at your Campus?

Educational institutes are often spread over a vast area. Goons, miscreants and anti-social elements often enter the campus by jumping the periphery of the campus and create trouble for students and authority. Matrix Video Surveillance, equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics such as Intrusion, Trip-wire, Face Detection, etc. ensure you get real-time notification via SMS, E-mail, Alarm, Video Pop-up or TCP based Notification whenever someone tries to illegally enter the campus.

Differing Standards among Institutes a Cause of Worry?

When you are dealing with franchises, it is very difficult to maintain standards in each of them. The physical distance between institutes becomes a barrier and makes it impossible to monitor them at the same time. With centralized monitoring in Matrix Video Surveillance, it becomes very easy to monitor and coordinate all the institutes, thus maintaining the quality standards. Camera Grouping, which allows you to group different cameras like classrooms, corridors, labs, libraries, etc., further simplifies the monitoring process. This saves time and cost of travel among institutes.

Complexity in Operating Video Surveillance a Headache?

Installing cameras in educational campuses is mandatory in many regions. It is especially so for institutes designated as an examination centre for open exams. Moreover, the recordings have to be shared with the governing council in a specified format. Extracting these clips and converting them into readable format is often a complex task and requires professional help. Matrix Video Surveillance is designed keeping customer ease of use in mind. It provides easy back-up options such as Manual Backup/Scheduled Backup over USB, Export in .avi format, etc., which makes it extremely simple for the end customer to operate it.