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Managing the crowd is a very difficult task from two perspectives – Security and Service. Whenever a large crowd is assembled at one place, there is always a risk of it going out of control creating safety concerns. It may lead to stampede, brawls, vandalism, etc. causing serious losses. Besides safety, such a substance abuse benefits scenario also affects service quality. For example, the service of a bar deteriorates whenever there are more guests than the capacity of the bar. It is true for Malls, Retail Chains, Health Centres, Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Stadiums, etc. as well. To overcome this, Matrix Video Surveillance now brings Crowd Management, which helps you in effectively maintaining a count of people entering/leaving the premises, as well as the number of people present inside. It also prevents unauthorized people from entering the premises. The solution is designed to overcome all safety concerns and help your organization provide best in class service to your customers.



  • Prevent Overcrowding
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Eliminate Tailgating
  • Optimize Service
  • Integration with Access Control


Ensure Safety of your guests

Managing guests at large events is very critical to ensure success of the events. People come in large numbers at places that are already too occupied. These overcrowding sometimes irate some short tempered guests causing altercations. In some cases, crowd turns into a mob causing heavy, significant loss of life and property. To avoid this, it is very essential to keep a tab on the number of people that are present inside the premises https://guideapp.ru/ . Matrix Video Surveillance aims to achieve this objective by providing People Counting system. It keeps a count of the number of heads entering/leaving a given area, giving you real-time data of people inside the premises.

This can help you better manage the crowd by restricting entry to the premises.

Service Optimization

Every organization has its processes defined to serve a limited number of customers. But when the number of customers crosses that threshold, service is bound to get affected. This causes inconvenience to the organization as well customers leading to immediate as well as future business loss. Crowd Management Solution helps you overcome the problem. Real-time occupancy data enables you to restrict the number of customers, thus ensuring optimum service levels are maintained at all times.

Reduce Costs by Hourly Staffing

Occupancy rate of hotels/restaurants/malls/stores is not uniform throughout the day. For example, only a few customers visit any store during slack hours while it is overcrowded during peak hours. By having past data on hourly occupancy rate, you can save costs by hourly staffing. That is, you can employ more employees during peak hours and less during slack hours. This saves huge costs at the same time ensuring optimum service at all times.

Works at Deterrence

When large numbers of people are present in the premises, miscreants often find it easy to indulge in malicious activities like theft. As the number of people is high, manually keeping an eye on everyone is difficult. But Matrix Video Surveillance solution, with its high resolution cameras enables you to keep an eye on everyone at the same time. Even if an incident is missed, the miscreant can be easily identified through playback.

Integration with Access Control

Matrix Video Surveillance helps you restrict unauthorized access and problems such as tailgating by Integration with Access Control