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Everything we do today is done through a single ‘tap’ on our mobile devices. With a single ‘tap’ we can share things on social media, check our health status, communicate with others, so on and so forth. A similar trend can be seen with access control, which first started with the RFID cards. Then it was biometrics and now we see the dawn of mobile credentials for access control. Matrix’s “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers QR Code based identification for opening doors by simply scanning the QR code from an authorized mobile phone through COSEC APTA App. It is a simple process of authentication that offers convenience to users while increasing the overall security of an organization at the same time.


  • Access in less than One Second
  • Easy to Use in Challenging Installations
  • Mobile Works as a Credential
  • Secured Communication between Server and Mobile
  • Reduce Hardware Cost and Maintenance


Create and Paste QR Code for Entry and Exit

To eliminate costs involved in expensive devices, wiring, installation and AMC, Matrix “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers QR Code based Identification for users. Using multiple QR Codes speeds up entry/exit, avoiding congestion and queues. It works where biometric or card readers are not easy to deploy e.g. glass doors.

Scan QR Code and Get Access

Matrix offers QR Code based Identification for users. It marks their attendance and opens door when a user scans the QR Code by mobile phone camera in the COSEC mobile application.

Reliable and Secured Communication

Matrix provides high flexibility to any organizations to create their own QR Codes by embedding two-byte key. Centralized server creates a QR Code and distributes to the respective users through encrypted communication. Mobile user does not have any access or control over the QR Code that is generated. This provides encrypted and secured communication between the device and server.


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