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Complex communication network set-up in larger enterprises often becomes difficult to manage for IT administrators. Multi-site infrastructure encounters huge setbacks if there is asymmetrical communication monitoring/maintenance system. Not only this, in the event of failure of a communication system, operational efficiency of the user is hampered which leads to potential reduction in staff productivity, high employee turnover, and other issues that can bring down the company’s public image.

PRAMAN Centralized Management Server is a Windows based software application for centralized management of all the telecom devices, located across several offices. It increases the operational efficiency of the organization with its enhanced Device Monitoring and Fault Management functions. The Centralized Management Server enhances enterprise communications, ensures uninterrupted connectivity, and centralizes enterprise communication management. Improve staff productivity and pave the way for your business towards success with Matrix PRAMAN Centralized Management Server.



24x7 Performance Monitoring
24x7 Performance Monitoring

  • Optimum Performance of all SIP Supported Matrix Telecom Network Elements
  • Device Connectivity Status
  • Enhanced Productivity
Instant Alarms and Alerts
Alarms and Alerts
  • Alerts through email/ visual notification
  • Add comments to an Alarm; Edit, Delete or Reply
  • Comprehensive Notification and Assignment of Faults
Automatic Device Discovery
Automatic Device Discovery
  • Reduced Set-up Time
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Ease of Use
Centralized Reports
Centralized Reports
  • Predefined/Customized Report Generation- Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • Centrally Managed Network
  • Hassle-free Management
Network Topology View
Network Topology View
  • Visualize Complete Hierarchical Network Infrastructure
  • Live Device Status
  • Reduced Complexity
Custom Dashboards
Custom Dashboards
  • Comprehensive System Overview
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Higher Productivity
Intuitive and Web-based GUI
Intuitive and Web-based GUI
  • Monitor the Health of Devices in the Network
  • Simple UI
  • Enhanced UX
  • Ease of Use
Integrated Solution with Matrix VoIP Devices
Integrated Solution with Matrix VoIP Devices
  • Centrally Monitor and Manage Multi-located Matrix IP-PBX and VoIP Gateways
  • Monitor all SIP devices from a Single Platform
  • Ease of Management
Customized User Roles
Customized User Roles
  • Predefined templates – Admin, Supervisor and User
  • Defined and Restricted Feature Access by Users
  • Prevent Unauthorised Access
  • Complete Communication Security


  • No Downtime
  • Reduced Complexity of Managing the Network
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • No-Delay Fault Resolution
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Security



Parameter Details
Supported OS Windows 7 Onwards and Windows Server 2012 Onwards
Web Server IIS 7 & 7.5
Pre-requisites IIS Server
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above
System Requirements

.NET Framework:
4.5.2 or higher (Included in application setup)
Operating System Type:
32-bit or 64-bit

Processor Speed:
2.0 GHz or higher

4GB or higher
Disk Space Required:
40GB or higher

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

Suggested screen resolution 1920*1280 and 1680*1050
Software package size 72.9MB (Zipped: 71.2MB)
Screen refresh time Active Events: 5 sec
Dashboard widgets: 2 min
Time required to restore backup For 2GB data: 5 min
For 4GB data: 7-8 min
Time required to delete database ~1 min
Time required to install software ~12 min
Bandwidth usage 50kbps per 100 traps
Access Web based Responsive GUI
No. of Devices supported Up to 200
No. of Device groups supported Up to 200
No. of user supported Up to 100
Simultaneous user log-in support 99
Database MS SQL Server with up to 10GB Free Storage with Backup and Restore Option




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