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Attendance on Move, a feature of COSEC APTA – the mobile application of Matrix COSEC for employees, facilitates automatic attendance marking of the users. It can be done through either GPS location or Wi-Fi. To address the issues faced by HR/admin and employees like missed punches, attendance of field employees, credentials not identified and long queues, COSEC APTA works wonders.


  • Auto-attendance Marking Using Mobile
  • Track Field Employees’ Movement
  • Reduce Attendance Correction Applications
  • Avoid Finger Identification and Missing Punch Issues
  • Secured Communication between Server and Mobile
  • Avoid Long Queues during Shift Time
  • Reduces Hardware Cost and Maintenance
  • Secure Sensitive Areas with Advance Access Control Features


Attendance Marking Using GPS/Wi-Fi

Many a times, it may so happen that an employee misses punching and marking his attendance or the punching device does not read and identify their credentials or the employee is on field. With the ‘Attendance on Move’ feature, attendance will be marked in/out automatically when the device enters/leaves the Wi-Fi zone.

Define GPS Locations for Attendance Area

This feature works on the GPS coordinates received from the respective employee’s mobile device. The HR/Admin will be required to pre-define a location and save it in the Location Master of COSEC Web. As a result, whenever the user enters/exits the pre-defined location, his or her attendance gets automatically marked.

In many organizations, employees working the same shift often have to wait in long queues for punching on the attendance marking device or the device does not identify their credentials. Similarly, use of RFID Cards or other biometric solutions takes significant amount of time for identification. Also, for employees working in the field, attendance marking is a major issue. For them, coming and marking their attendance at the office every day is quite a cumbersome task. The Attendance on Move feature can prove to be a perfect solution for all the challenges. Here, your mobile works as a credential for attendance marking.

Secured Communication between Server and Mobile

Matrix COSEC APTA is a mobile based employee portal that provides a platform for users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance, leave and access control options. The communication between the mobile and server is encrypted with the provision to use customer owned certificates. It uses 24 bit encryption, ensuring the high security.


Product Catalogue


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