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Construction is one industry that has defined civilization since ancient times. As the civilizations evolved, scale of construction also improved. Today go to this web-site, construction industry has reached to such heights where people are constructing buildings nearly 1,000 meters tall. With such complex constructions come many more concerns and the need of construction site indiansex Video Surveillance. The biggest concern is security of workers. Moreover, as the scale of a construction site is bigger heargoodnews, security of raw material also becomes a matter of concern. Matrix Video Surveillance for Construction is specifically crafted for addressing complex security concerns of construction industry. Ensuring safe working environment for employees, preventing liability suits and safeguarding premises from criminals and intruders are some of the requirements that Matrix Video Surveillance solutions address. Moreover, with Matrix construction site cameras, monitoring construction process from anywhere with smartphone becomes easy.



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  • Ensure Safety of Workers
  • Prevent Theft of Raw Material
  • Avoid False Liability
  • Complete Control of Accessibility to Premises
  • Regular Updates


Safety of Workers

With growing scale of construction, safety risks have drastically increased. There are frequent incidents of workers falling off under-construction high rises resulting in serious injuries or loss of life. This results in delay of projects leading to loss of business. Few modern day construction workers are equipped with helmets and safety nets, but they can only help in minimizing the loss instead of actually stopping it. Matrix Video Surveillance solution is designed to eliminate these concerns. Its Trip Wire Feature immediately notifies security, if any worker is found approaching the edge of the floor. If a worker is found approaching the edge, it immediately gives a Video Pop-up in the security cabin. Through this, security guards can ensure that no unwanted person/children move around in the danger area, and that all workers supposed to work in danger areas are adhering to safety norms.

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Quality Control

For large construction firms managing multiple sights, ensuring quality and process compliance at each site is a very difficult task. Matrix Video Surveillance aims to provide centralized control to multi-location Sites. Monitoring options like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Video Wall and Multi-display allow monitoring all locations from a single place. This helps in ensuring quality consistency and process compliance at each and every stage of construction at multiple sites.

Furthermore, Matrix Video Surveillance provides user-defined roles and rights. This allows you to provide your customers access to limited cameras to let them see construction of their new houses. This helps immensely in building customer trust and loyalty for your brand.

Preventing Theft

Large construction sites often have a large amount of unattended raw material such as sand, gravel, cement, etc. lying in the premises. As most of the construction sites do not have a permanent structure guarding their periphery, there are multiple access points, making these materials highly vulnerable to theft. Moreover, manually guarding such large premises 24/7 is not possible. Matrix Video Surveillance comes up with the perfect solution to this problem. It allows you to create a virtual boundary surrounding all the raw material in the premises. As soon as someone approaches the raw material, the security guards start getting a real-time Video Pop-up. This helps in ensuring that material is taken only by authorized people.

Avoid False Liability

In certain cases, workers get injured in an activity not related to construction and is often blamed on the construction firm to avail free medical treatment. On the other hand, there are instances when suppliers in collaboration with staff, deliver less material than ordered, and later demand full payment. These false claims lead to significant business loss. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its ability to store data for months, safeguards you against such false claims, ensuring you do not incur financial loss.

Integration with Access Control

Matrix Video Surveillance provides Integration with Access Control and Contract Workers Management to ensure foolproof security and control of your premises.