Banking and Finance industry is one sector where security is of paramount importance. Banks have numerous branches spread over a very large geographical area, ranging from metro cities to remote villages. Moreover, all these branches are stashed with very high amount of cash and other valuables, tempting anti-social elements to target them. Due to this factor, a pro-active Bank Video Surveillance is a must for the industry. Since the branches are widely spread, Banking industry primarily needs a solution that can centrally manage all other locations from a single head location. Matrix Video Monitor Surveillance solution offers the most critical benefits: proactive security, centralized monitoring and control along with cost saving on bandwidth and storage. To improve security and ease of management even further, it allows seamless integration with other peripheral security systems such as Fire Alarm, ATM, Vibration Sensors, PIR Sensors, etc. Moreover, coupled with Bank Security Cameras, one can ensure best quality images even during low light.



  • Preventive Security
  • Works as Deterrent
  • Monitor Multiple Branches without Public IP
  • Crowd Management
  • Reduced Bandwidth Cost
  • Low Storage Costs


Difficulty Managing Multiple Branches Spread over a Large Area?

Banks and financial institutions have multiple branches or ATMs spread over areas as big as a state or even countries. Managing security at so many locations is a complicated and difficult task. Video Surveillance makes up a major chunk of banks’ security structure. What these institutes require is not a disparate solution that is difficult to manage but a single integrated platform, through which complete control of all branches is with a central location. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its distributed architecture, is perfectly suited for fulfilling the complex requirements of banking industry. It provides the flexibility to install innumerable cameras/recorders and can accommodate the existing infrastructure as well. It provides an option to connect cameras directly with the Management Server or via Recording Server, depending upon the infrastructure availability at the location.

Furthermore, Matrix Video Surveillance allows you to assign user defined roles and rights to multiple people. For instance, only viewing rights are assigned to security head of a branch while the regional head is provided with viewing as well as management rights for the entire region. Visit routinewealth.

Banks are always high security zones that usually employ multiple security systems like fire alarm, intruder alarm, etc. for 360 degree security. More often than not, these are disparate solutions working independently, resulting in a lack of coordination. Matrix Video Surveillance offers Database Level Integration with third party software like Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, ATM Machines, etc., resulting in optimized performance through synchronization among various solutions.

Intricate Video Surveillance Solutions a Headache?

Having so many branches gives rise to a large and complicated video surveillance solution that is difficult to manage. With the number of cameras sometimes running into thousands, it is difficult to keep a tab on each one of them. This often results in situations where camera or recorder is found not be working when an incident occurs. Matrix Video Surveillance, designed keeping customer ease of use at the centre, effectively addresses the problem. It comes with Health Status Monitoring, which provides real-time working status of the entire Video Surveillance system, on a single screen. Moreover, it also provides instant notifications for events such as camera disconnect, network failure, storage full, camera tamper, etc. through SMS, E-mail, etc. It also provides TCP based Notification, which can give updates regarding such events in less than 5kbps bandwidth.

Tired of Outdated Solutions Offering Reactive Security?

Most of the traditional video surveillance solutions are limited to providing reactive security. This means they are used merely for investigation after the incident has occurred. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its Intelligent Video Analytics, provides pro-active security in the form of real-time notification in event of someone trying to enter after working hours, intrudes cash storage area, loitering in locker room, spending suspiciously high time in ATM, etc. These real-time notifications are provided in the form of E-mail with Snapshot, SMS, Video Pop-up, Alarm and TCP based Notifications. Moreover, its highly advanced Face Detection feature provides snapshot of every person entering the premises, which becomes vital in case of any untoward incident.

Bandwidth a Constraint in Centralized Control?

Bandwidth is a scarce resource and is always a constraint, especially when you are dealing with so many locations. Lack of bandwidth forces banks to give up centralized control and manage video surveillance separately at each location, leading to security lapses. Matrix Video Surveillance is designed keeping bandwidth constraints of banking sector in mind. Based on the availability of bandwidth, we provide following options :

Bandwidth Availability Action to Secure Proof
High Bandwidth Record Event Centrally
Medium Bandwidth Event based Clip Export
Moderate Bandwidth Snapshot/Image Upload
Low Bandwidth Email with snapshot

Along with bandwidth, availability of static IP and public IP is another major constraint in centralized monitoring. Centralized monitoring requires pubic and static IP at each location. Where a public and static IP is available, it is usually very expensive. So, for an organization with hundreds of branches, the combined cost of all public and static IPs runs very high. Moreover, it is a recurring cost. This often is a reason for banks to refrain from centralized control. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its unique architecture, allows centralized control of the video surveillance system, without public and static IP at each branch. This saves huge recurring costs involved in purchasing public and static IP at each location.

Worried about High Storage Cost in Video Surveillance?

In an industry where each organization has multiple branches and government norms define storage days, storage cost is one of the highest contributors to the cost of video surveillance. Matrix Video Surveillance provides multiple options that can reduce your storage costs by up to 50%.

In the banking industry, by law, all the branches and ATMs are required to record 24X7. This leads to wastage of storage space during non-working hours or when there is no motion in the scene. Matrix Video Surveillance smartly reduces frames per second when there is no motion in the scene. This helps reduce storage requirement by up to 40%.

Being a highly vulnerable place, banks cannot afford to lose even a second of video surveillance recordings. In addition, with their storage requirements running into months, they may need additional storage besides that being provided by recorders. Matrix Video Surveillance supports both, NAS and FTP, thus eliminating the bar on storage. Moreover, keeping the high security standards of banking industry in mind, it supports redundancy, wherein the storage shifts to standby recording server, in case of failure of any recording server. This ensures smooth recordings even in case of a recording server getting disconnected.

Furthermore, government norms mandate banks to keep their recordings for 60-90 days. With so many branches, the total cost of storage can be considerably high. Matrix Video Surveillance, with its Two Level Data Compression, can save about 50% of storage. It also provides flexibility to define time period for the first and second level Camera-wise compression.