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Intrusion prevention systems are the most crucial part of a surveillance strategy. The first step of any theft or mishap is breaking and entering. In order to reach the valuables and steal them, thieves cross various parts of a building that are generally inaccessible. This also means harming property and putting threat on the lives of people present in that building at that time. However, with Intelligent Video Analytics, these incidents can be kept in check and prevented.

A simple intrusion detection system can only notify you when someone enters a restricted zone. Matrix VMS SATATYA SAMAS comes with Intelligent Video Analytics such as Intrusion Detection, Trip Wire and Motion Detection, along with advanced analytics such as No Motion Detection, Loitering, Tailgating, Missing Object Detection, etc. These Analytics can identify specific events and notify the concerned person in real-time, thus thwarting the threat of damage. Furthermore, analysis of frequency and pattern of such events helps the enterprise better manage future handling of events.  All these IVAs for preventive security are present in every Matrix Video Surveillance product. These analytics, when configured with instant notifications such as SMS, Email, Video Pop-up, Email with Snapshot and Clip Export, can provide preventive and proactive security in real-time.


  • Trip Wire and Intrusion by Area Selection in Live View
  • Tailgating Detection by Area Selection in Live View
  • Missing Object by Area Selection in Live View
  • Motion Detection and No Motion Detection by Area Selection in Live View
  • Two Region Selection Allowed in a Single Screen
  • Loitering by Area Selection in Live View
  • Camera Tamper Detection


  • SATATYA SAMAS IVA CAM1 – Single Camera Video Analytics License
  • SATATYA SAMAS IVA CAM5 – 5 Camera Video Analytics License
  • SATATYA SAMAS IVA CAM20 – 20 Camera Video Analytics License